Only a percentage of the records that are marked for review will actually be examined as part of the quality assurance process. This percentage is specified by the cancer group — see Setting the Percentage of Records To Be Examined for Quality Assurance. The records to be reviewed will be randomly selected and appear in the Worklist of the user who will be performing those reviews.

To perform a quality assurance review of a patient record:

1. Open the — Worklist window either by clicking on the Worklist button in the quick access toolbar or selecting QA-View Patients Pending QA Review in the application menu bar.

2. Select the QA Requested tab on that window.

3. Double-click on the patient record you wish to review in the grid on that tab. The patient detail window for that patient will open, as will the QA Review of window.

4. Review the data on the patient detail window, making appropriate notes in the large QA Comments and Notes field on the QA Review of window — see The Patient Detail Window and its related topics for any questions you have regarding the organization of data on the patient detail window. These notes will appear along with the patient record if the record is rejected and needs to be corrected by the person who originally performed the data entry, so that they know what specific changes need to be made.

5. If there are no corrections that need to be made in the patient record, click on the Approve button on the QA Review of window. Otherwise, click on the Reject button. Clicking on either button removes the patient from the review list, but clicking on the Reject button puts the patient record on the Correction Required worklist of the person who originally marked the patient ready for review — see Marking a Patient Record Ready for Review — so that they can make the needed corrections to the patient record. A dialog window will open asking you to confirm that you want to approve/reject the patient based on your QA review.

6. To close the QA Review of window without approving or rejecting the current patient data, click on the Cancel button.

7. Select Yes on the dialog to confirm that you really want to confirm/reject the patient data. The dialog and the QA Review of window will close. To close the dialog without approving or rejecting the patient data and return to the QA Review of window, click No.

8. Close the patient detail window of the patient you just reviewed and note that the reviewed patient is no longer listed in the grid on the QA Requested tab of the — Worklist window.

To review another patient, repeat steps 3 through 7.

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