Some patients that must be added to the CCR system are actually receiving their treatment at other sites outside the UUHSC system. Such patients are usually entered into the system because they are part of a collaboration with doctors at the other facility. However, because they have never registered as patients at a UUHSC facility, there is no record of them in the EDW and information, especially demographic-related information, that is usually pulled from the UUHSC records for use in CCR just is not available for these patients. Patients who have never registered as patients in the UUHSC system can be added to CCR using the Non UUHSC Patients tab on the New Patient Wizard, which allows the demographic information that normally would be taken from the EDW to be entered manually.

To add a patient of this type:

1. Click on the New Patient Wizard button in the Common Tasks area of the Quick Access toolbar on the left side of the application desktop. The New Patient Wizard will start, opening the New Patient Wizard window. See The New Patient Wizard for a detailed description of the wizard window.

2. Click on the Non UUHSC Patients tab on the wizard window.

3. Enter the appropriate demographic information in the fields on the Non UUHSC Patients tab — see The Non UUHSC Patients Tab (New Patient Wizard) for a description of this tab and the fields on it.

4. Click on the Add Patient button. The New Patient Wizard will close and the patient will be registered as belonging to the cancer group. The patient detail window will open displaying the new patient record information so that you can add any additional data to the patient record — see Viewing/Editing a Patient Record and The Patient Detail Window for instructions on how to go about doing this.

To close the New Patient Wizard window without registering any new patients to the cancer group, click on the Cancel button.

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