Once data entry for a patient has been completed, the patient's record should be marked ready for review. Not all patient records marked for review will actually be reviewed. A percentage of the records will be selected and reviewed by a user with the appropriate quality assurance (QA) role — see Quality Assurance and Performing Quality Assurance Reviews. The exact percentage to be reviewed is specified by each cancer group — see Setting the Percentage of Records To Be Examined for Quality Assurance.

To mark the current patient record ready for review:

On the patient detail window for the patient to be marked for review, select QA Review-Mark Ready for Review in the menu bar at the top of the patient window.

If in the review process, the patient record is reviewed and rejected, it will be returned to the person who marked that patient record ready for review, whether or not that person is the one who actually entered the data originally. For this reason, it is a good policy to have each person entering the data actually mark the patient records they enter ready for review, rather than having someone else mark the record ready for review for them.

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