ITS (the Department of Information Technology Services) is a part of the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. The Enterprise Data Warehouse has been developed by the Data Resource Center (DRC) Division of ITS. It is a collection of databases that contain a great deal of data collected from the day-to-day operations of the Health Sciences Center over several years. Much of this has no bearing on the information collected in CCR. However, the data warehouse does contain a large amount of patient and clinical data that sometimes relates to the CCR data and may be of interest to particular projects, including:

Patient and Visit Data

  1. 1.4 million patient demographic records

Clinical Data

  1. ARUP Clinical Lab results from 10/1993 — present (General Lab, Microbiology and Pathology)

  2. Radiology results from 1995

  3. Blood gas results from 1995

  4. Pharmacy orders and Cabinet Dispense information from 3/1999 — present

  5. Pharmacy Height and Weight data 3/1999 — present

  6. Community Clinic EMR data from 5/10/2000 for currently open clinics.

  7. Ogden Community Clinic from 1995 — 2000

  8. Inpatient hospital based operative reports and discharge summaries 1995 — present

  9. CEM Alerts

  10. Outpatient Documentation (clinic notes, medications, problems, allergies) 1996 — Present from:

  11. BMT

  12. Sugarhouse Clinic

  13. Infectious Disease Clinic

  14. Rheumatology Clinic 1994 — present

  15. Wasatch Internal Medicine Clinic 1990-1998

  16. Certain providers which chose to use ACIS 1995 — present

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In order to access the full ITS Data Warehouse medical records relative to a patient, a user must first have the proper security permissions and recorded session purpose to view identifying data for that patient. (See Security in CCR.) Even if a user has access to the complete ITS Data Warehouse information for a patient, they may not edit or change any of this information. CCR will only display the information that is stored in the ITS Data Warehouse. It cannot make changes to the ITS database.

EDW records accessible via CCR include pathology, lab and radiology reports as well as UUHSC encounter records and other general documents.

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