You can print the contents of an active window on any printer. To do so:

1. Make sure the active window is the one you want to print.

2. Right-click anywhere on the application desktop. A context-sensitive menu will open.

3. Select Print "(Name of window)" window… from the menu. The print dialog should open.

The context-sensitive menu in HOPE Huntsman Online Patient Education. This acronym is also used to refer to the HOPE Guide Administration application and it is in this context that it is used most often in this help documentation.

The context-sensitive menu in CID Cancer Inquiry/Outreach Huntsman Cancer Institute Outreach Program Database — originally just the Cancer Inquiry Database, the Outreach functionality was added later. If referring to a CID record, this usually means an Inquiry record rather than an Outreach Event record .

You can also display a print preview on your screen before printing by selecting Print Preview "" window… instead.

4. Make sure the correct printer is selected and the printer settings are the way you want them.

5. Click OK to send the document to your printer.

The contents of the window will print on the selected printer. The information will be formatted just like it appears on the window, meaning that it may not be the best format for the printed page and may not even fit on a single sheet of paper. Still, this is a quick way to print out specific information from a single active window.

If the active window has multiple tabs, the selected tab will be the one that is printed.

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