To add a study to a cancer group's list of studies in CCR:

1. Start the Cancer Group Administration utility. See Starting the Cancer Group Administration Utility for instructions on how to do this.

2. Select the Studies tab on the CCR Administration window.

3. Click on the + button above the Studies grid on that tab. The Add New Study window will open.

4. Enter the study information into the fields on the Add New Study window. See The Add New Study Window for a description of the information asked for on this window.

5. Click on the Save button to save the new study information. The Add New Study window will close, and the new study will be added to the Studies grid.

To close the Add New Study window without adding a study to the cancer group's list of studies, click the Cancel button instead of the Save button. If you have entered any data on the window, a dialog will ask you to verify that you want to close the window without actually adding a study. Click Yes to clear the dialog and finish closing the window or No to return to the Add New Study window and finish adding the study.

As soon as you start entering data on the Add New Study window, the text on the Save button will turn bold red, indicating the need to click on the button to save your work.

At this point, the study has been added to the database under your current cancer group, however, no CCR users have been assigned to the study (not even the user that created the study), and of course, no patients have been enrolled in the study, since their consents have not been recorded — see Study Enrollment. In order to do anything else with the study, you will need to first add yourself to the new study (or you will not be able to log in as performing research under this study) — see Adding a Cancer Group User to a Study — and then you will need to change your session purpose to Research/Study for the new study — see Changing the Session Purpose.

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