This task can also be performed from the Study and Cancer Group Administration module. See Uploading a Scanned Consent Form.

To load a scanned copy of a patient's consent form into the database:

1. Scan the consent form and save it as a pdf file.

Remember where on the network or your hard drive you saved the pdf file — you'll need to find it later.

The file must be in pdf format. Other image formats will not work.

For instructions on how to scan the consent form and save it as a pdf file, see the documentation for your scanner and/or scanning software application. Many of the copy machines at HCI can scan the consent form and send it to the user in pdf format via e-mail.

2. Open the Study Enrollment window for the patient's enrollment in the study. See Viewing/Editing a Patient's Enrollment in a Study from the Patient Detail Window for instructions on how to do this.

3. Click on the Upload a consent form button on the lower right side of the window. A brand new browser window (Add Consent Form) will open outside of the CCR desktop environment.

4. Click on the Browse… button to browse the network or your hard drive to locate the pdf file you created in step 1. The Choose file window (essentially an Open dialog window) will open.

5. Select the appropriate pdf file from the location where you saved it and click on the Open button. The Choose File pop-up window will close and the path and file name for the pdf file should now appear in the Consent Form field on the Add Consent Form window.

You can also simply enter the location of the pdf file (complete with all folders/directors and subfolders/subdirectories) into the Consent Form field if you know it.

6. Click on the Upload Form button to upload the pdf file to the database. The words Consent Form upload successful. will appear in green on the Add Consent Form window. The window will remain open to allow you to upload additional pdf files.

To close the window without uploading any pdf files to the database, click the Close button instead of the Upload Form button.

7. If you do have multiple scanned consent forms for this patient relative to the current study to upload at a time, repeat steps 4 through 6 until all of the forms have been uploaded.

Do not upload consent forms from other patients or for other studies at the same time. All of the pdf files that are uploaded will be linked to the current enrollment.

8. When you are finished uploading consent forms, click the Close button to close the Add Consent Form window. The Add Consent Form window will close, but the newly uploaded consent forms will not yet appear in the Uploaded Consent Forms grid on the Study Enrollment window.

9. Click on the Refresh hyperlink above the Uploaded Consent Forms grid on the Study Enrollment window. The Uploaded Consent Forms grid will be refreshed to show all of the scanned consent forms that have been uploaded into the database for the current enrollment, identified by the date that they were uploaded, meaning the newly uploaded consent form(s) will be identified by the current date.

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