Boxes will be used on the application's various windows to indicate fields (or data) that are related to each other. You might see cases where there are groupings within groupings.

In the image below, there are two groups. The outer grouping encompasses all the fields on the window that are considered Demographics information. There is an inner grouping which surrounds all the Demographics fields that are used to describe Vital Data about the patient.

In CCR, sometimes data groups are not surrounded by a box, rather the different parts of a tab or window are indicated by single horizontal lines above the fields and grids that comprise that data group. The name of the data group appears to the left side, interrupting the horizontal line in similar fashion to the way the name of the data group interrupts the box in the image above.

The ICD-O Topography and ICD-O Morphology fields with their associated Show All Codes checkboxes all belong to the ICD-O data group above.

In a couple of rare cases, there may be no line at all, just a label, which — in context — clearly applies to a group of fields.

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