When you add a patient in CCR, you are not necessarily adding that patient to the CCR database, you are registering that patient into your cancer group. The process of adding the patient searches the university's EDW database for that patient's diagnosis records and links the new patient record in your cancer group registry to the information in the EDW. If the patient you want to add has never been a UUHSC patient and therefore does not have a record in the EDW, they cannot be added to CCR using this process. See Adding a Patient Who Has Never Been a UUHSC Patient for instructions on how to deal with such a situation.

Patients may be registered in more than one cancer group, and some CCR information about the patient will be shared by all cancer groups that have registered that patient while some will be stored and accessible only to users from the cancer group that entered that information in the database (or even to users associated with a specific study within that cancer group).

You may not add a patient to your cancer group if your session purpose is Research/General or Research/Study.

To add a patient record to your cancer group:

Click on the New Patient Wizard button in the Common Tasks area of the Quick Access toolbar on the left side of the application desktop. Show me this button. The New Patient Wizard will start, opening the New Patient Wizard window. See The New Patient Wizard for a detailed description of the wizard window.

Look up the new patient's EDW record in one of the following ways:

If you know the patient's MRN or HCI Person ID, enter that number in the New Patient's MRN field or New Patient's HCI Person ID field on the Lookup New Patients By ID tab of the New Patient Wizard and click the Search… button next to that field. The Add This Patient button will no longer be grayed out.


If you don't know the patient's MRN, but you do know their name, click on the Lookup New Patients By Name tab and enter the patient's names in the appropriate fields on that tab. Then, click the Search… button next to the name fields. After the Patient Search Results List grid on that tab is populated with patients from the EDW that match the search criteria, click on the correct patient record in that grid. The Add Selected button will no longer be grayed out.

Verify that the selected patient is the patient that you want to add to the cancer group registry.

If the patient is already registered to your cancer group, the Add This Patient or Add Selected button will remain grayed out. A notification of this fact may also appear on the window. You can view the patient's detail record by clicking on the View This Patient button, but you will not need to add the patient to the cancer group since this has already been done. If this is the case, skip step 4 — there is nothing more to do.

Click on the Add This Patient button (if looking up the patient by MRN) or the Add Selected button (if looking up the patient by name). The New Patient Wizard will close and the patient will be registered as belonging to the cancer group. The patient detail window will open displaying the new patient record information so that you can add any additional data to the patient record — see Viewing/Editing a Patient Record and The Patient Detail Window for instructions on how to go about doing this.

To close the New Patient Wizard window without registering any new patients to the cancer group, click on the Cancel button.

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