CCR keeps track of specimens collected from the patient in the Specimens grid on the Labs tab of the patient detail window. If a specimen from a patient is added to itBioPath, it will automatically appear in this grid. You can also manually add your own specimen records for specimens that have not been added to itBioPath. Specimens which you add will not be visible to users from other cancer groups should the patient be registered in more than one cancer group. (itBioPath specimens will appear in all cancer groups to which the patient belongs.)

Specimens that were automatically added from itBioPath are linked to the corresponding itBioPath specimen record allowing users with itBioPath access to view the extended collection, storage, disbursement, and related pathology data that is available in itBioPath for that specimen with a simple click of a button either on the Labs tab above the Specimens grid or on the Specimen Detail window — see Accessing a Specimen's itBioPath Record. Much more detailed information about a specimen is recorded in itBioPath than in CCR.

In CCR, the buttons that give access to the link between CCR and itBioPath are labeled with "BST" instead of "itBioPath." An earlier version of itBioPath was know as "Bio-Specimen Tracking." The labels have not yet been updated, but the links are to the current version of itBioPath.

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