When you first open the UUHSC Clinical Records window, although other kinds of records are displayed in the grids on the other tabs on the window, there are no EDW Encounters displayed in the grid on the Encounters tab. Instead, you are required to perform a search of the EDW for encounter records associated with the patient that fall within a specified date range.

To do this:

Open the UUHSC Clinical Records window for the patient in question. See Viewing a Patient's Enterprise Data Warehouse Records or Viewing a Patient's Enterprise Data Warehouse Records from Within a Pathology Report Record for instructions on how to do this.

Click on the Encounters tab.

Enter a range dates during which the admit dates for the encounters you are interested in will be found in the Admit Date Range pair of fields.

If you leave the Admit Date Range fields blank, all of the patient's encounters will be displayed on the grid. However, in many cases, this is not recommended, since the patient may have numerous encounters, making it difficult to find those pertinent to your investigations.

Click on the Find UUHSC Encounters button. The grid will be populated with the list of the patient's UUHSC encounters that fall during the date range specified.

At this point, you can see detailed information about any specific encounter in the grid by clicking on the row representing that encounter — see Viewing the Details of a UUHSC Encounter.

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