The Path Reports grid on the Overview tab of the Medical Event Detail window lists all of the pathology reports that are associated with that medical event. Since medical events are cancer group specific, the only path reports listed are also cancer group specific — the only reports that will appear in the grid are those which have been added or linked to this particular medical event by you or someone else in your cancer group as specified in your session purpose.

However, pathology reports which you add will be made available to other users who are working with the patient as well as users of other applications such as BST (subject, of course, to the usual security constraints). Pathology reports in the database are kept in a separate repository, so that they may be easily used by various HCI applications. You can link a medical event to existing pathology reports that have been entered previously by yourself or other CCR users or users of other HCI applications such as BST, and they, in turn, can also link medical events and other application records to pathology reports that you have entered — see Linking an Existing Pathology Report to a Medical Event.

Choose a pathology report-related task below for instructions on how to perform that task:

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