The CCR Patient Review page is more than a simple summary of a patient's treatment and current status. It actually is intended for use during a patient's clinic visit and provides more concise access to the kinds of information that a provider might need while dealing directly with a patient during such a visit, including a checklist of Action Items that need to occur during direct interactions with the patient. It also provides tools for entering diagnoses or treatment protocols as they pertain to the patient or for accessing a list of Patient Education Materials from the Cancer Learning Center that can be helpful to the patient. The Action Items and Patient Education Materials, in particular, that appear on the CCR Patient Review page are based on Standard of Care Profiles that have been developed for your cancer group and only appear if the patient meets the specified set of criteria for each profile — see Standard of Care Profiles for more information.

To view a patient's clinic visit Patient Review page:

Open the patient detail window for the specific patient for whom you want to run the report. For instructions on how to do this, see Viewing/Editing a Patient Record.

Select View-Patient Status from the menu bar at the top of the patient detail window. The CCR Patient Review page will open in a separate browser window, outside the CCR desktop environment. See The CCR Patient Review Page for a description of the page along with a discussion of activities that can be performed on this page.

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