Although the iQ Tool is available for constructing simple reports, some reports are too complex to be created with the iQ Tool. These reports can still be created with the assistance of HCI Research Informatics, however, and any of these reports that need to be run regularly by users in your cancer group can be made available through CCR's standardized report functions. There are two kinds of standardized reports, those that are based on data from multiple patients and those that are based on data from a single patient. For information on standardized reports that contain data from multiple patients, see Standard Reports.

To run a report that contains data from a single patient (such as a patient summary report):

1. Open the patient detail window for the specific patient for whom you want to run the report. For instructions on how to do this, see Viewing/Editing a Patient Record.

2. Select View-Patient Reports from the menu bar at the top of the patient detail window. The Patient Reports window will open.

3. Double-click on the report you want to run in the grid on the Patient Reports window. The Form window will open.

The appearance of this window will vary depending on the various settings that are possible for the report you are running.

4. Select the appropriate settings for the report to meet your needs in the fields on the Form window.

5. Click on the Run Report button on the window to actually run the report. The report will be run and the results of the report will be displayed in a window outside of the CCR desktop environment.

6. Click on the Close button to close the Form window.

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