To add a CCR user to the current cancer group:

1. Start the Cancer Group Administration utility. See Starting the Cancer Group Administration Utility for instructions on how to do this.

2. Make sure the Cancer Group Users tab is selected on the CCR-Cancer Group-Administration window.

3. Click on the + button above the-Cancer Group-Users grid on that tab.

4. The Add-Cancer Group-User window will open.

5. Select the user to be added to the cancer group in the CCR User drop-down field on the Add User window.

The options available in the CCR User field include all CCR users that are not already assigned to the current cancer group. If the user you want to add does not appear in the drop-down list, either the user has already been added to the cancer group or they are new users to CCR that need to be added by HCI Informatics. Please contact Informatics if the latter is the case to have the new user added.

6. Select the appropriate cancer group-related access level for the user by clicking on the appropriate radio button in the User Access Level area of the window. See Cancer Group-Related Security Roles for a description of the permissions associated with each of these security roles.

If the user is to be given access to the iQ tool, click on the iQ checkbox in the Optional Permission area.

7. Click on the Add button to add the user to the cancer group and save the security settings for the user. The Add User window will close, and the new user will be added to the Users grid on the CCR Administration window. The changes to the user's access will be effective the next time that user logs into CCR. (If the user is currently logged into CCR, they will need to log out and log in again before they will see the results of this change.)

To close the Add-Cancer Group-User window without adding a user to the cancer group, click the Cancel button instead of the Add button. If you have entered any data on the window, a dialog will ask you to verify that you want to close the window without actually adding a user to the cancer group Click Yes to clear the dialog and finish closing the window or No to return to the Add User window and finish adding the user.

As soon as you start entering data on the Add User window, the text on the Add button will turn bold red, indicating the need to click on the button to save your work.

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