This task can also be performed from the Study Consents grid of the patient detail window. See Recording a Patient Consent (Study Enrollment Window).

To record a patient consent:

1. Open the Edit Study Enrollment Data, Consents and Consent Forms window for the patient's enrollment in the study. See Viewing/Editing a Patient's Enrollment in a Study for instructions on how to do this. This window also opens automatically when a patient is newly added to a study — see Enrolling a Patient in a Study.

2. Select the kind of consent that the patient has given in the Consent Type field (above the Consents grid in the middle of the window).

3. Enter the date that the consent was given in the Consent Date field.

4. Click on the + button above the Consents grid on that tab. A new consent will be added to the Consents grid with the values entered in steps 2 and 3 and a calculated Expire Date (if applicable) based on the Consent Date and the study's Reconsent Interval as recorded on the Edit Study window for the study.

If this is the first consent that has been recorded for the patient with regard to this study (in other words, if no date appears in the Enrollment Date field yet), the Consent Date entered will also be automatically recorded in the Enrollment Date field in the top third of the window.

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