Not every dictionary allows for marking items active or inactive. However, for those that do, you can always activate an item after it has been marked inactive if you decide to begin using it again. To mark an existing dictionary value that has been previously deactivated as active (so that it once again is presented as an option when selecting a value in the associated drop-down field):

1. Start the appropriate CCR dictionary manager — see Starting the Dictionary Manager or Starting the Pathology Dictionary Manager for instructions on how to do this.

2. Select the dictionary in which you want to mark an entry active in the Dictionaries drop-down field on the Dictionaries window. The window will expand to display the current list of entries in the selected dictionary.

3. Double-click on the entry that you want to make active in the Dictionary grid on this newly expanded portion of the Dictionaries window. The -Dictionary Name- Dictionary Editor window will open displaying the entry's current settings.

4. Select Yes in the Active ? drop-down field.

5. Click the Save button to save your changes. The window will close and the changes will be saved. The entry will once again show up as an option when selecting a value in the drop-down field associated with this dictionary.

To close the window without making any changes to the dictionary entry (including making it active), click the Close button.

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