A tumor can be linked to the diagnosis record that is related to that tumor. Once that link has been established, you can access the associated diagnosis record directly from the tumor record by clicking on the View / Link Diagnosis button on the Overview tab of the Tumor Detail window.

To link a tumor record to a diagnosis:

1. Open the tumor detail record for the tumor in question. See Viewing/Editing a Tumor Record for instructions on how to do this.

2. Make sure the Overview tab is selected.

3. Click on the View / Link Diagnosis button. Show me the View / Link Diagnosis button. The Link Diagnosis window will open displaying a list of all of the patient's diagnoses. For a description of the Link Diagnosis window, see The Link Diagnosis Window.

If the tumor is already linked to a diagnosis record, the Diagnosis Detail window for that diagnosis will open when you click on the View / Link Diagnosis button instead of the Link Diagnosis window. If it happens to be the diagnosis record you wanted to link to the tumor, you don't need to do anything. The link is already established. However, if the link is to a different diagnosis, the tumor can only be linked to one diagnosis. If the link which is already established is incorrect, you will need to remove that link first before connecting to the correct diagnosis — see Unlinking a Tumor from a Diagnosis Record.

Click on the diagnosis that you want to link the tumor to in the large Diagnosis grid that dominates the Link Diagnosis window. The row will be highlighted in yellow.

If you are uncertain if a diagnosis is the one you want to link to, you can double-click on it and the Diagnosis Detail window for that diagnosis will open so that you can see all the details of the diagnosis.

The diagnosis being linked to must already exist in the patient record. You cannot add a diagnosis and link to it at the same time. If the diagnosis does not show up in the Link Diagnosis window, you need to add it to the patient record first — see Adding a Diagnosis Record to a Patient.

Click on the Link button. The window will close and the link between the tumor and the diagnosis will be established.

There is no visual confirmation on the Tumor Detail window that the link has been established, but if you click on the View / Link Diagnosis button, at this point the Diagnosis Detail window for the newly linked-to diagnosis should open.

To close the Link Diagnosis window without establishing a link to a diagnosis, click on the Cancel button.

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