Since specimens associated with medical events also automatically appear on the patient detail window of the patient that "belongs" to both the specimen and the medical event, you can also view and edit a specimen record from the patient record without having to open the medical event record — see Viewing/Editing a Specimen in a Patient Record. However, if you are already working in the medical event record, this process might be more convenient.

To view/edit the record of a specimen from its associated medical event:

1. Open the Medical Event Detail window for the medical record in question. See Viewing/Editing a Patient Record for instructions on how to do this. (It's probably already open — see above.)

2. Select the Details tab on this window.

3. Double-click on the specimen you want to view/edit in the Specimens grid. The Specimen Detail window will open displaying the selected sample's information.

4. Make any necessary changes to the specimen information on the Specimen Detail window. For a description of this window and the fields presented, see The Specimen Detail Window. See also the links at the end of this topic for instructions for performing specific editing tasks on this window.

5. Click the Save button to save your changes. The window will close and the changes will be saved.

To close the window without saving any changes to the specimen record, click the Cancel button. If there are unsaved changes when you do this, a confirmation dialog will open asking you to confirm that you want to close the window without saving. Click Yes to close the window and lose all unsaved changes made. Click No to keep the window open if you really want to save your changes (by clicking Save).

If there are changes which have been made on the window and have not been saved, the letters on the Save button will appear in bold red until you have saved those changes. Any changes made to the Specimen Alias grid on the window will have been automatically saved already.

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