Drop-down fields are fields in the application where a list of possible values is provided and the user is expected to choose one of these values, rather than typing in whatever value is appropriate. Since there may be many possible values in these drop-down lists, it could be much quicker to type the first character of the value you wish to choose on the keyboard and the drop-down list will automatically scroll to the beginning of the values that begin with that letter. Do not type the second letter of the value you want to choose, however, as this will merely scroll the drop-down list to the point where the values begin with this second letter typed, rather than scrolling to the point where the values begin with the two letters in order.

To show the list of possible values, click on the button pointed to by the red arrow above. Select a value to enter in the field by clicking on it.

The options presented in any drop-down field are controlled by an associated dictionary — see Dictionaries. If the option you need to enter is not available in the drop-down list, that value will need to be added to the appropriate dictionary before you can enter it. You cannot simply type in the missing value in the hopes that the application will accept the new entry.

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