The CCR Patient Review page is designed for use during a clinic visit, giving easy-to-find access to the kind of information a medical provider might need during a clinic visit but also providing for easy data entry into CCR of information that might typically be gathered during a clinic visit. The idea is that this will both improve the quality and efficiency of clinic visits while helping to facilitate the timely entry of relevant information into CCR to better support both clinical and research uses of the database. Among data which could be entered in this fashion are treatment protocols assigned to a patient, diagnoses and staging results. For instructions on how to delete a diagnosis from the regular CCR patient detail window, see Removing a Diagnosis Record from a Patient.

When you delete a cancer diagnosis from a patient record, any stage entries based on that diagnosis will also be deleted automatically. Any tumors that are linked to the diagnosis will no longer be linked to a diagnosis — see Linking a Tumor to a Diagnosis Record — but other than this, there will be no consequence for the tumor records.

To delete a diagnosis from the CCR Patient Review page:

1. Open the CCR Patient Review page for the patient in question — see Viewing a Patient's Clinic Visit Patient Review Page for instructions on how to do this.

2. Click on the description of the diagnosis you wish to delete in the Diagnosis area of the page. The Diagnosis window will open with the details of the diagnosis displayed.

3. Click on the Delete button in the lower left corner of the window. The window will close and the diagnosis will be removed from the patient record.

Be careful with this button. Currently, no dialog appears to confirm that you really want to delete the diagnosis before the diagnosis is actually deleted.

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