The actual consent forms on which the patient gives their consent can be scanned, saved in PDF format and uploaded into the CCR database. This then allows users to easily and conveniently view the scanned images of the consent forms from within the CCR application. Uploading a scanned consent form will not automatically create a consent record for the patient's study enrollment in the database. It will only store the image of the consent form so that it is easily accessible. A consent record must still be entered manually into the database in order for CCR to account for this consent (for example, in order for a patient's enrollment in a study to be complete). See Patient Consents or Patient Consents (Study Enrollment Window) for more information and instructions related to patient consent records.

For instructions on how to scan the consent form and save it as a pdf file, see the documentation for your scanner and/or scanning software application. Many of the copy machines at HCI can scan the consent form and send it to the user in pdf format via e-mail.

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