In order to assign a CCR user to a study, that user must already be assigned as a user in the cancer group to which the study belongs. See Adding a CCR User to the Current Cancer Group for instructions on how to add a CCR user to the current cancer group. In order to perform this task, your session purpose must be Research/Study for the specific study to which you want to add the user. You can see your current session purpose settings in the upper left corner of the application desktop.

To add a user a study:

1. Open the Edit Study window for the study in question. See Editing a Study for instructions on how to do this.

2. Select the Study Users tab on the window.

If the Study Users tab is grayed out and cannot be selected, you do not have the appropriate security permissions to work with patient enrollment in the current study. You must have been assigned a Cancer Group Administrator security roll with respect to the current cancer group in order to access the Study Users tab.

3. Click on the + button above the grid on the Study Users tab. The Add Study User window will open.

The name of the current study will automatically be displayed at the top of the Add Study User window.

4. Select the user you want to add to the study in the CCR User drop-down field. The Owning Site associated with the selected user will be displayed on the window.

5. Assign an access level to the study user by clicking the appropriate radio button in the User Access Level area of the window. For a description of each of these security roles and the permissions granted by them, see Study-Related Security Roles.

6. Click the Save button to add the new user with the indicated security permissions to the study. The Add Study User window will close and the user will be added to the grid on the Study Users tab. The changes to the user's access will be effective the next time that user logs into CCR. (If the user is currently logged into CCR, they will need to log out and log in again before they will see the results of this change.)

To close the Add Study User window without adding any users to the study, click the Cancel button instead of the Save button. A dialog will ask you to verify that you want to close the window without actually adding a user to the study. Click Yes to clear the dialog and finish closing the window or No to return to the Add Study User window and finish adding the user.

The text on the Save button appears in bold red, indicating the need to click on the button to save your work.

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