If the purpose of your CCR session changes while you are working with the application (or even if you switch studies for which you are performing research), you should record this change. Not only will this help to keep an accurate audit of the use of the information in the database, but it will ensure that you have access to the proper records and information in those records for the task you are performing. While this process will essentially restart the application, it is faster than exiting the application completely and starting over again. Please note, however, that when you do this, all unsaved changes to the database will be lost. You should save your changes on any open windows before changing your session purpose.

To change your session purpose:

1. Select File-Reconnect from the application menu bar. Show me. The CCR desktop will reset to appear the same as when you first enter the application, with the Welcome to HCI Cancer Clinical Research window displayed. Show me the Welcome to HCI Cancer Clinical Research window.

2. Continue as when you first entered your session purpose upon starting the application — see Defining the Session Purpose for details.

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