To add an additional item to a dictionary, follow these steps:

1. Start the appropriate CCR dictionary manager — see Starting the Dictionary Manager or Starting the Pathology Dictionary Manager for instructions on how to do this.

2. Select the dictionary to which you want to add a new item in the Dictionaries drop-down field on the Dictionaries window. Show me the Dictionaries field. The window will expand to display the current list of entries in the selected dictionary.

3. Click the + button to the right above the -Dictionary Name- Dictionary grid.

The Dictionary Editor window will open.

4. Enter the new value(s) into the appropriate field(s) on that window.

Most Dictionary Editor windows will only have one value field, labeled with the , as well as an Active ? field for activating/deactivating this value in the current drop-down fields based on this dictionary.

5. Make sure the Active ? field says Yes so that the new value will be active.

6. Click on the Add button to add the new value to the dictionary. The -Dictionary Name- Dictionary Editor window will close and the new value will be added to the dictionary.

To close the -Dictionary Name- Dictionary Editor window without adding a value to the dictionary, click on the Close button instead of the Add button.

7. To refresh all of your open windows so that the changes you made to the dictionary show up, select Dictionaries-Refresh All from the application menu bar.

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