The online help system will use the following standard conventions when referring to keystrokes or mouse commands.

Text Appears As:

It Means:


Italic text will represent commands that you are to choose from one of the pull-down menus.


Underlined characters will represent the ALT key combination you can press to choose the option instead of using the mouse.

Blue Underline

Blue Underlined characters will represent a hyperlink. Clicking on the text will take you to another portion of the Help System, a related web page or a related graphic image.

Bold Italics

Bold Italic text will represent text you are to type on the keyboard or drop-down field options you should select byclicking.

Dark Blue Bold

Dark Blue Bold text will represent text that will be displayed on the screen by the application. Words inside angle brackets (<>) will be replaced with situational text described by the words in the brackets. For example, will be replaced by the name of the current cancer group.

Blue Bold Italics / Magenta Bold Italics

Blue Bold Italic text will represent a glossary item. You can click on these words to get the definition of the term or phrase (expanding text). Some terms on some pages may also appear in magenta bold italics rather than blue bold italics, but the functionality is the same.


Text that appears in ALL CAPS will represent key combinations you are to press on the keyboard.

For example, when you see SHIFT-F1, that means to hold down the SHIFT key and lightly tap the F1 key.

Gray Uppercase

Gray Uppercase will represent actions you are to take with the mouse.

Blue Italics

An image and/or additional text appears when you click on text in blue italics. (The text usually indicates what will appear.) Click on the same text again to make it disappear.

Text found in light yellow offset boxes will denote special instructions or important notes.

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