When I try to launch FDT with Java, I get a security message indicating that the Jar has to be signed.

As of Java 7.51, security has been tightened. We have signed the FDT jar, but you may have an old copy of the FDT jar on your system. (Try looking for fdtClient.jar on your system. Delete it and then the next time you launch the FDT tool, it will download a fresh copy of the jar.)

If you are still encountering problems, you can whitelist the server from the Java consol. Follow these instructions for adding an authorized server to Java.

Setting Java security settings

When I use FDT Download on the Chrome Browser, nothing happens

If you can't download and you are using the Chrome Browser, you may need to disable the 'PepperFlash' plugin.1. Type chrome//plugins for the web address in Chrome.2. Look for the FlashPlayer plugin.3. Click on the Details button in the top right corner.

Disable the PepperFlash player. Leave the other Flash player enabled.

When I download using FDT, a .jnlp file is downloaded. What do I do next?

How to Launch FDT using Webstart

When I download the file(s) to a Windows Workstation, the file does not save with the .zip extension

If the File Explorer folder options (Tools->Folder Options->View) have the property 'Hide extensions for know file types', the file chooser dialog will not show the default file name with .zip extension. Just type in the .zip extension for the file name when selecting the location and filename for the download.

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