To download analyzed data files:

1. Start the Analysis module by clicking on the large Download Analyzed data files button in the Analysis section of the home page of the application environment.

2. Find the appropriate analysis in the list of analyses in the module — see Viewing Analyses for more details about how to go about doing this in the Analysis module. Click on that analysis in the list. The analysis summary will appear on the right side of the window.

3. Click on the Files tab on the analysis summary page.

A list of downloadable files that are associated with the analysis will appear.

4. Select the files you wish to download by checking the box on the left side of each applicable row in the files list.

You can also select an entire set of files associated with an analysis. In order to do this, rather than selecting a specific analysis in the analysis list, select the lab that submitted the analysis. Then, select the Downloads tab in the area on the right side of the window. A list of analyses with associated downloadable files will appear. Select the appropriate analysis by clicking on its checkbox.

5. Click on the Download button in the lower part of the screen (beneath the files list).

GNomEx will estimate how much data you are about to download. It does this to give you an idea of how much time it might take to download the indicated materials. This estimate is displayed and you are asked if you would like to continue with the download. (Click No if you want to abort the download at this point).

6. Click Yes to confirm that you want to proceed with the download. A typical Save As dialog will appear so that you can choose a location to store the downloaded files.

7. Choose a location to store the downloaded information on your computer hard drive or a network volume as appropriate and click Save to initiate the download to that location.

The files will be downloaded in a .zip file. You may need to extract the files from this compressed folder using a zip file extraction application in order to view them properly.

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