1. Download the FDT.jar to the Linux workstation you will be downloading the files to http://monalisa.cern.ch/FDT/lib/fdt.jar

2. Pretend as if you are going to download data to your client workstation using the FDT download. Login to GNomEx and go to the experiment or analysis of interest. Click on the files tab. Now click on the Download files link. Drag the files that you want to download over to the right-hand panel. Now click the FDT download button.

3. Rather than running the Webstart application, just save the .jnlp.

Edit the .jnlp in a text editor. It will contain the command line statement to run FDT.

Copy and paste it to your command line.

... Command line download instructions:<br/> 1) Download the fdt.jar app from http://monalisa.cern.ch/FDT/<br/> 2) Open port 54321 in all firewalls surrounding your computer (this may occur automatically upon transfer).<br/> 3) Execute the following on the command line after changing the path2xxx variables:<br/> java -jar path2YourLocalCopyOfFDT/fdt.jar -pull -r -c hci-bio-app.hci.utah.edu -d path2SaveDataOnYourLocalComputer /scratch/fdtswap/fdt_sandbox_gnomex/f82b0eca-cfda-4fdf-b12f-45724806d2c0/9495R<br/>

4. Please make sure that your Linux workstation permits socket communication through port 54321.

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