To delete a sample record from the list of samples being submitted for microarray hybridization:

1. Start on the Sample View tab of the New Experiment Request module. This window is the part of the much longer step-by-step process of submitting a microarray hybridization request — see Submitting a Microarray Hybridization Request for a description of this process. This task will normally be performed as you reach the Sample View tab within this process.

2. Select the sample record you want to delete from the Samples list by clicking on the number next to its row. (You may actually click anywhere on the row, but that will also activate the field you click on for editing, so clicking on the number is safer.) The row of the selected sample will be highlighted in light blue.

3. Click on the Delete Sample button above the Samples list. The selected sample will be removed from the grid. Any data you have entered or changes you have made to that sample will be lost. There will be no confirmation dialog to prevent you from accidentally deleting a sample you did not intend to delete. See Adding a Sample to the List of Samples You Will Be Submitting for Microarray Hybridization for instructions on how to add a sample to the list if you accidentally delete one.

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