Hybridization records in the list of hybridizations being requested can be edited right in the Hybridizations grid itself. To make changes to a hybridization in this list:

1. Start on the Hyb View tab of the New Experiment Request module. This window is the part of the much longer step-by-step process of submitting a microarray hybridization request — see Submitting a Microarray Hybridization Request for a description of this process. This task will normally be performed as you reach the Hyb View tab within this process.

2. Find the hybridization you wish to edit in the list of hybridizations on this tab.

3. Find the column that represents the value you wish to change and click on it in the row that represents the hybridization record you are editing. That field will be activated for editing.

4. Make the appropriate change.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 as necessary until you have made all of the necessary edits.

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