Welcome to the Genomic Experiment Data Repository and Core LIMS help system . This online help system is designed to assist you with learning how to use and answer any questions you might have while using the Genomic Experiment Data Repository and Core LIMS (GNomEx). GNomEx serves as both a data repository for genomic experiments and analyses and as a laboratory information management system that records information relevant at all steps of the experimental process.


Experiment Ordering — A widget-like interface walks the researcher through the steps to order an experiment (submit a request). Auto-email functionality keeps the researcher informed on sample quality and experiment status.

Experiment Annotation — Enables annotations associated with the experiment design and sample characteristics.

Experiment Browsing and Searching — Experiments are organized within project folders and can be browsed according to experiment platform, date, or by name of the researcher or lab group. Simple text searches as well as advanced, criteria-based searches can be performed on experiments and associated analyses.

Serving Experiment Data Files — Experiment results and downstream analyses can be downloaded as individual files or at a folder level.

Public Experiment Repository — Guest users can browse experiments and download data that has been made publicly available.

Laboratory Workflow — Experiments are tracked via a worklist for each lab step involved in microarray and massively parallel sequencing. Screens are provided to manage part numbers and specifications associated with microarray slides and to document laboratory protocols associated with experimental processes.

Lab group and Users — Includes screens for managing user accounts and lab groups.

Billing — Structured pricing sheets are used to generate charges based on experiment templates which are reviewed and approved by the core facility. Each lab’s billing contact is auto-emailed an invoice of the services performed during the month. GNomEx generates a file that interfaces with the University general ledger system for electronic billing purposes.

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