To set or change the price of a potential billing charge item:

1. Start on the Price window for the charge item in question — see Modifying an Existing Charge Item for instructions that will get you to the Price window.

2. Add appropriate criteria for selecting which experiments should be charged this new charge on their bill by clicking on the New criteria button. A row will be added to the Billing Category list and will appear highlighted in yellow.

3. Select the approriate criteria in the drop-down field in the new row. You need to click on the row a couple of times to cause the drop-down values to appear for selection.

The values that appear in the criteria drop-down fields are the potential values that could be selected in the field your criteria is based on. This field is the same for all charge items in a price category and is specified at the category level — see Creating a New Price Category.

4. If additional criteria are required, repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed until all criteria have been entered. The charge will only be triggered if all criteria entered are met (appear as part of the experiment request).

5. If criteria need to be removed from the list (because they no longer should apply), select each criterion to be removed by clicking on it.

6. Then, click the Remove criteria button to remove the selected criterion from the list.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as needed until all criteria that should be removed have been removed.

8. Make any other changes to the price that need to be made — see also Setting/Changing the Price of a Charge Item.

9. Click Save in the lower right corner of the Price window to save the new price/potential billing charge.

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