Data files can be uploaded for GNomEx Experiments as well as Analyses. Raw data files and supporting QC files should be uploaded to an experiment whereas alignment and assorted downstream analysis files should be uploaded to an Analysis.

Uploading for both Experiments and Analysis function the same way.

1. Bring up your experiment or analysis.

2. Click on the Files Tab and click on either the Upload or FDT Upload link. IMPORTANT: For larger files (>1 GB), use the FDT Upload rather than the standard Upload.

FDT Uploading for Large Files

When you click on the FDT Upload link, you will see this window. It will give you instructions on how to start the FDT Tool using WebStart (a way to launch a Java application). Click on the 'Start' button.

Please follow these instructions to download the JNLP and run it as a Java Webstart application.

Once the FDT tool has launched, you will be presented with a File Chooser. Select the files on your computer that contains the files you want to upload. Start the upload.

Normal Uploading for Smaller Files

If you are uploading small files, you can use the normal upload. Select your files that you want to upload by clicking on the "Choose Files" link.

Organizing your Files

Once the upload is finished, you can drag-and-drop the files into the appropriate folders. Just select the files and drag them over to the right panel. You can also rename files and folders from this tab. Additionally, you can reorganize the folder structure by dragging and dropping files (or folders) within the right panel.

Associating Experiment (fastq) files back to the Samples

The third tab on this "Manage Files" window allows you to point your experiment files back to the appropriate samples. Please see Associating Experiment Files back to the Samples for more information.

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