The Samples grid now supports copy and paste! It also has a new right-click context menu. This context menu incorporates the functions of the buttons previously found above the grid (add sample, delete sample, etc) and can be seen outlined in red in the following screenshot.

There are 2 help links that provide information about the functionality of the grid and how to use it. Those links are directly above the grid. The 'Copy and paste sample grid' help discusses the functionality of each of the right-click context menu items along with how pasting works. You can see the help links circled in the following screenshot.

To paste into the grid, you just need to click on the grid so that it is selected — this will put a blue line around the grid as seen in the following screenshot — and then click 'ctr+v' which is the normal paste key sequence.

You can paste straight from Excel. For example, the following excel data can be copied and pasted into the grid shown above.

Please review the sample grid help for more information.

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