To request additional services on a set of samples previously submitted for sample quality testing:

1. Start the Add Services wizard by clicking on either the Add services to Experiment Request button in the Experiments section of the home page of the application environment or the smaller Add Services to Request button along the top row of the application.

The Add services module will open with the Add services tab selected.

2. Select your lab group and the lab group member who submitted the original Sample Quality request.

3. Also select the appropriate category for the services you will be adding (the kind of microarray or sequencing you want done).

4. Select the previously submitted request from the list of existing requests that appears at the bottom of the window by clicking on it. These requests are organized by project under the current lab in the data tree.

5. Click on the Next button in the lower left corner of the window.

From this point on, the process of requesting additional services is very much similar to the process of requesting those services on samples that you are providing to the facility for the first time. They are almost the same, only some of the information will already appear, having been imported from the previous request. See Submitting a Microarray Hybridization Request or Submitting a Sequencing Request as appropriate for additional details.

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