Experiment samples can be linked to their BST specimen records. With this linkage, summary information on genomic experiments performed by the Microarray and Genomic Analysis Core Facility can be viewed and queried from BST. This link can be established either at the time the request is being submitted — see Submitting an Experiment Request — or the experiment can be edited later and the link established then — see Editing an Experiment. In either case, the links are established from the Sample View tab.

To link the samples from an experiment to their respective BST records:

1. Start on the Sample View tab. Check the Link to BST samples using CC Number checkbox.

A new column labeled CC Number will be added to the samples list grid.

2. Enter the appropriate cancer center number (the unique identifier in BST) for each of the experiment samples in the CC Number column.

3. Continue submitting or editing the experiment as appropriate.

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