1. Login to GNomEx and set this property ‘university_user_authentication’ to ‘Y’. (Configure->Add/Edit Dictionaries. Expand folder called ‘Admin —


2. Create a user account that has the uNID filled in (select University User radio button).

3. Stop tomcat

4. Comment out the following lines in path/to/apache-tomcat/webapps/gnomex/META-INF/context.xml:

<!--  <Realm className="hci.gnomex.security.tomcat.GNomExRealm"  <br/>datasource_lookup_name="java:comp/env/jdbc/GNOMEX_GUEST"/>  -->

5. Uncomment and change these lines to match your site’s LDAP in path/to/apache-tomcat/webapps/gnomex/META-INF/context.xml:

<Realm className="hci.gnomex.security.tomcat.GNomExLDAPRealm"  <br/>ldap_provider_url="${hci.gnomex.ldapurl}"  <br/>ldap_protocol="ssl"  ldap_auth_meth="simple"  <br/>ldap_init_context_factory="com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory"  <br/>datasource_lookup_name="java:comp/env/jdbc/GNOMEX_GUEST"  <br/>ldap_sec_principal="${hci.gnomex.ldap.sec.principal}"  <br/>ldap_domain="${hci.gnomex.ldap.domain}"  <br/>ldap_user_attributes="${hci.gnomex.ldap.user.attributes}"/>

6. Edit /path/to/apache-tomcat/conf/catalina.properties. Add these lines and change the properties to match your LDAP’s settings.

# ldap1.ad.utah.edu LDAP   hci.gnomex.ldapurl=ldap://ldap1.ad.utah.edu:636   <br/>hci.gnomex.ldap.sec.principal=cn=[uid],ou=People,dc=ad,dc=utah,dc=edu   <br/>hci.gnomex.ldap.domain=dc=ad,dc=utah,DC=edu

7. If you want to further filter the LDAP user by attributes, add this line to your catalina.properties. In this example, the authentication code will require at least one of these attributes to match. attribute1 = ABC or value2 = XYZ.


8. Delete all of the tomcat cache files. You will not want to delete your /path/to/apache-tomcat/webapps/gnomex dir, since the context.xml changes reside here.

9. Restart tomcat. Try logging in with the user account that has a uNID filled in.

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