One of GNomEx's helpful administrative features is the ability to automatically generate ledge interface data from experiment requests by internal (University of Utah) clients. This general ledger interface data can be used to automatically transfer the appropriate funds from the appropriate university accounts. This action may only be performed by users with admin permissions in GNomEx.

To generate general ledger interface data for billing an internal group or lab:

1. Click on the Manage billing button in the Administration section of the application home page or the Billing button from among the buttons at the top of the window.

The billing window will appear.

2. Select the billing period for which you are generating the general ledger interface data in the Period dropdown field.

3. Select the lab folder within the approved experiments part of the list that represents the lab or group for which you wish to generate general ledger interface data.

4. Click on the Generate GL File button in the upper left corner of the window.

A dialog will open, displaying the total for the billing period.

5. If necessary, change the Journal Entry Revision value to the appropriate revision number.

6. If the total to be charged to the lab for the billing period selected is correct, click OK to approve the generation of the GL file. (Otherwise click Cancel if changes need to be made before issuing the GL file.)

An Excel spreadsheet file will be generated (using a new window opened outside of the GNomEx environment) reflecting the transactions associated with the generation of the GL file.

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