If there are multiple samples to be included in an experiment, rather than having to enter the details of each sample one by one into your experiment request on the Sample View tab, you can upload a spreadsheet that contains all of the relevant sample information.

To upload a sample spreadsheet into an experiment request:

1. Make sure that the spreadsheet you want to upload is saved as a tab-delimited text file. See the help documentation for your spreadsheet application for instructions if you don't know how to do this.

2. Start on the Sample View tab of the experiment request module.

3. Click on the Upload Sample Sheet button in the center of the window directly above the samples list.

The Upload Sample Sheet dialog will open.

4. If the first row of your spreadsheet contains column headers, click on the checkbox on the dialog that indicates this.

5. Click on the Select File to Upload button.

The standard open file dialog will appear.

6. Select your spreadsheet file (the one saved as a tab-delimited text file) in the Open dialog from the location where you saved it.

7. Click on the Open button.

The Upload Sample Sheet dialog will open.

8. In each of the dropdowns, select the column or column header from your file that corresponds to each of the specified columns in the Samples grid.

9. Click on the Populate Fields button.

The data from the spreadsheet will be entered automatically into the Samples grid.

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