GNomEx functions not only as a LIMS, allowing experiment orders to be submitted to a core facility, but also as an Genomic repository to post experiment results. Since this kind of experiment is not performed within a core facility, GNomEx refers to these kinds of experiments as "External" experiments. This section describes how to submit this kind of experiment to GNomEx and upload the experiment's data files.

Click on the menu item (shown below) under the main Navigation menu 'Experiments…' to create a new experiment and upload the raw data files. Depending on how the GNomEx site is configured, the menu choice varies as shown here.

GNomEx LIMs Site

GNomEx Data Sharing Site

You will be presented with a number of tabs in which you will enter information about the experiment, including details about each of the samples. The last tab allows you to review the experiment details. Once you are satisfied with the information entered, press the 'Submit' button.

Now a popup window will appear to upload your raw experiment data files.

IMPORTANT: If your upload will be larger than 1GB, click on the FDT Upload button. For smaller files, click on the standard Upload button. Standard File Upload (for small files)

Click on the 'Choose files' link in the upper left corner.

Once have a selected the files, click the 'Upload' button in the lower right corner. When the uploads are complete, the 'Organize' tab will be selected. Use the 'New folder' link to create new download folders under the experiment. Then drag the uploaded files to the main experiment folder or the sub-folders to organize the files into the correct download folder structure.

FDT Upload (for large files)

For files larger than 1 GB, use FDT to upload the data. For more information on uploading your data sets, see Uploading your Data.

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