We have included a way for admins to easily add and edit help for ordering new experiments in GNomEx. First, you can access the ability to edit the help information from the 'Help…' menu on the navigation bar. When you have enabled it, you will see empty 'i' icons which indicated areas that help can be added. The blue filled in 'i' icons show help that has already been added. Please see the screen print for clarification.

When you are in edit help mode, you can click on any of the help icons to pull up an edit window. (Screen shot below) You can edit both the 'Help Text' which will be what appears in a help popup window when users click the icon AND 'Tool Tip Text' which will be shown when users hover over the help link.

You can see what the users will see by disabling Help Edit from the help menu. This will remove all the empty icons and only display the icons where help information has been provided. For example the above help will look like the image below when seen by the users.

Ben has made this feature really great with the ability to format the text nicely and everything. This way, if you have users that struggle with a certain aspect of ordering an experiment, you can go in and add some help to clarify that part of the process.

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