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Research Informatics Shared Resource at HCI has designed and implemented a genomic LIMS and data repository: GNomEx, a software solution that documents, organizes, and tracks microarray and massively parallel DNA sequencing experiments performed at the University of Utah Microarray and Genomic Analysis Core Facility. GNomEx serves as both a data repository for genomic experiments and analyses and as a laboratory information management system for Core Facilities that records information relevant at all steps of the experimental process. GNomEx, through its key features, enables researchers to electronically submit experiment requests, check the status of pending experiments, and collect results for both the raw and analyzed data files. In addition to capturing experiment requests, the system allows the researcher to organize experiments within project folders and to enter and search against structured annotations on the project, experiment, and its samples. GNomEx also offers extensive support documentation. Experiment annotations and data files are safeguarded by GNomEx so that only permitted researchers are allowed access. An investigator can broaden access on an experiment so that it can be shared with outside collaborators or, alternatively, made publicly available. GNomEx helps the core facility manage experiments as they are performed in the laboratory. The system tracks experimental parameters at each workflow step, documents protocols associated with experimental handling of the samples, registers barcodes for the tracking of microarray slides and sequencing flowcells, and manages billing.

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