For internal labs, GNomEx interfaces with the University of Utah's Financial department upon submission of an iScan experiment. This is to facilitate expedient ordering of the necessary materials. Upon submission of an iScan request, GNomEx retrieves a requisition form and id from the Financial department's website. The form is filled out and saved in that experiment's directory.

GNomEx also sends a request to an Illumina representative requesting a quote number for the materials when an iScan experiment is submitted. This way we ensure that the users receive the contracted rate. The Illumina rep will be given a unique URL which will take them to a simple web application that will allow them to upload a quote file and enter a quote number for that request. The link to the web app will no longer be valid once the information has been uploaded for that experiment. The quote number and date is saved to the GNomEx database and the quote file is save in the experiment's directory.

Once a requisition form has been obtained and a quote number has been received, GNomEx sends a purchase order request to the university's purchasing department. The email sent contains the filled out requisition form and the quote number and other experiment details needed.

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