Price categories appear as line items on a bill for an experiment. However, the text that appears on that line item, identifying what the charge is for and the actual price that is charged on that line item are based on what the user selected in the fields from the experiment order process on which that price category is based. Actual prices and line item text are linked with potential answers from those fields by entering a price and then, as criteria for that price, specifying the answers in those fields that would trigger that specific price (as opposed to another price in the same line item that would be triggered by a different set of answers). This is all controlled in the Manage Billing module. As you look at the prices data tree, you will notice that each of the prices (with their corresponding criteria) appear inside their associated category next to an icon that looks like a pair of dollar bills.

To add a new price criterion to the billing list:

1. Click on the Manage billing button in the Administration section of the application home page or the Billing button from among the buttons at the top of the window.

The billing window will appear.

2. Select the Prices tab in the pane on the left side of the window.

3. Find the price sheet and category within that price sheet to which you are trying to add the new price with its corresponding criteria in the list on the Prices tab. Click on the appropriate category to select it. (The categories are represented by folder icons.) If the appropriate price sheet and/or category does not exist in the list, they can be created — see Creating a New Price Sheet or Creating a New Price Category for instructions on how to do this.

Each price sheet represents a different type of experiment chosen on the first page of the order process. Within these price sheets, each line item that appears on the bill corresponds with a price category. As mentioned at the beginning of this topic, each price category points to specific fields from the billing order request process, and the price criteria within that category represent the amount that should be charged for each of the potential responses a person requesting an experiment might give in those fields — see also Creating a New Price Category. It is important, then, that you place your new price criterion in the correct category (not to mention the correct price sheet), or you will not be able to establish the criteria under which the price you are entering is to be applied, since you will not have access to the appropriate fields from the order process.

4. Click on the New price button beneath the prices list.

The Price window will appear. This is the window where you will enter the new pricing amount and description (name) as well as the criteria that will cause this charge to be triggered in the associated line item.

5. Enter the appropriate information about the new potential charge item, including a Name for the new price (the text that will appear in the line item on the bill), some Notes if applicable, the price to be charged including prices for units internal to HCI and External (if the pricing will be different) — see Setting/Changing the Price of a Charge Item — and criteria indicating under which conditions the charge item will be included on the bill for an experiment — see Setting/Changing the Criteria by Which a Charge Item will be Applied to Billing for an Experiment. The Active box should be checked in order for the new billing charge to actually be used in billing.

6. Click Save in the lower right corner of the Price window to save the new price and criteria.

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