The Project window is used to enter/edit information about a project. This project information includes data which describes the overall purpose and design of experiments done under that project.

The window opens when you click on either the New Project… button on the Step 2 tab of the Submit Microarray Request — Setup window (indicating your intention to add a new project — see Adding a New Project While You Are Entering a Microarray Hybridization Request) or on the Edit Project… button right next to it when a project is selected in the field above that button (marked B. Pick a project or create a new project which describes the overall experimental purpose and design) to edit that selected project — see Editing an Existing Project While You Entering a Microarray Hybridization Request.

While the basic appearance of the window will appear the same regardless of whether you are adding a new project or editing an existing one, some of the buttons that are provided will differ depending on your task as will be noted in the descriptions of each of the tabs.

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