The Experimental Genomic Data Repository and Core LIMS was developed in-house by the HCI Informatics department. Hereafter to simplify matters, it will be simply referred to as GNomEx. GNomEx is a web-based application. You will log on using your University of Utah uNID and password. This is a "u" followed by the last 7 digits of your university employee id number, for example "u0123456". If you do not have University of Utah uNID, a username and password will be established for you as an external user when you are granted access to GNomEx.

Note for first-time GNomEx users: Your uNID must be registered in GNomEx before you can use the system. Please click here to register.

GNomEx must be accessed with Internet Explorer. While you might be able to log into the system using other web browsers, some of the screens will not operate correctly or the screens may appear messy. While some testing has been done using the Firefox and Safari browsers, the programming is not guaranteed to be compatible with any browser except for Internet Explorer.

1. Launch Internet Explorer.

2. Click on the Launch HCI Apps navigation button on the left side of the HCI Internal website's home page (

3. Select the Laboratory/Genomic tab.

4. Click on the GNomEx icon.

The direct URL for the application is /gnomex/

You can save this URL as one of your favorites in your Internet Explorer browser or create a shortcut on your desktop so you do not have to type this in each time you want to access GNomEx.

5. A dialog box appears on the screen. Type your university uNID in the User name: field. Press the TAB key

6. Type your password in the Password: field. Press ENTER or CLICK the OK button. The application will start.

DO NOT check the Remember my password box. This is a breach in security practices and also compromises the application's data.

If you have any problems logging into GNomEx, please call the HCI Informatics Help Desk at 585-0330.

The HCI Logon dialog box does not go away — This means GNomEx does not recognize either your uNID or your password. Try retyping them to make sure there aren't any typos. If the you know the information is correct, GNomEx might not be configured to allow you access. Please contact the HCI Informatics Help Desk at 585-0330.

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