To edit the settings of an existing project while you are entering a microarray hybridization request, do the following:

Begin during Step 4 in Submitting a Microarray Hybridization Request. See that topic for instructions that will take you up to the point where you are ready to edit the existing project.

Select the project you wish to edit in the drop-down field in question five on the Experiment setup tab. The Edit… hyperlink will be activated.

Click on the Edit… hyperlink next to the project selection dropdown field.

The Edit Project window will open.

Make the appropriate changes to the project's settings on the Edit Project window. See The Edit Project Window for a description of the window.

To select an element under Experiment Design (general intent) or Factors (difference between samples) that applies to your project, simply select the checkbox next to it. To add new elements or edit an existing element, click on the New/Edit… hyperlink beneath the appropriate list.

When you have finished editing the project, click on the Save button at the bottom right of the window to save your changes.

At any time you can click on the Cancel button in the bottom right corner of any of the window's three tabs to close the Edit Project window without saving any changes to the project. If you do this, any of the changes you have made on the Edit Project window will be lost.

The Edit Project… button is grayed out and nothing happens when I click on it — this button is only active when a project is selected in the field above it which is labelled B. Pick a project or create a new project which describes the overall experimental purpose and design. Select the project you wish to edit in this field and the field will become active (will no longer be grayed out).

The Save buttons on the Project window are grayed out — If you delete the project name in part of A of the Project tab (A. Provide a project name), you cannot save your changes until you have entered a new project name since this is required for every project.

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