GNomEx is a genomic LIMS (Laboratory information Management System) and data repository. It can function as an experiment tracking and workflow management system for multiple core facilities as well as an advanced data repository for storing and sharing genomic data sets. Here are some is an list of its major features:

  • Submit an experiment request to a sequencing core facility and receive emails notifying you of progress
  • Create an experiment and upload your own raw data files
  • Fully annotate your experiment for each submitted sample
  • Register downstream analysis performed on the experiment, tracking all of the analysis pipeline details relevant to the data, for example, the genome build the sequence was aligned to
  • Download the experiment results (raw data files) as well as analyzed data sets
  • Organize analyzed data sets that can be viewed in a genome browser
  • Organize experiments and analyses under topics to aggregate data into unified view
  • Dial in the access to your data — owner, lab members, institution, or public; also, grant access to specific collaborators
  • Search the repository for a key term or perform more advanced criteria based searches
  • Configure different experiment platforms based on the major categories of next gen sequencing (Illumina HiSeq and MiSeq), Microarray, iScan, Capillary Sequencing, Sample Quality, Sequenom, and more
  • Configure annotations required for experiments, experiment samples, and analyses; handle a wide range of annotations using text, checkbox, dropdowns, multi-select lists, and URLs
  • For core facilities, manage experiment orders through the workflow and automate your billing
  • For administrators, manage user accounts and labs

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