While you are in the process of submitting a set of samples for microarray hybridization, you will arrive at the Hyb View tab. This tab contains a list of microarray hybridizations that are being requested on a large grid that covers the majority of that tab. The list will usually appear with all of the hybridizations you will be using already listed correctly and only requiring that you assign the appropriate samples to each slide and coordinate on that slide so that the samples are appropriately placed for your experiment because the list is based on information you have entered previously in the process. However, should the need arise to make additional changes in the list of hybridizations, you can easily do so at this point without having to return to previous tabs in the process or starting the entire process all over. The topics below describe tasks that you can perform on this tab should the need arise to edit the list of hybridizations displayed.

Choose a topic below for instructions for performing specific tasks relating to this list of hybridizations:

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